Linegon - length and area measurement and totals calculation tool for PDF/images. Easy, accurate and affordable! Try out this fully functional program 30 days for free!
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  • Why should the measurement software be so expensive and complex?
  • Why should it be so difficult to learn how to draw simple measurement shapes?
  • Why should you use the same limited set of Adobe measurement annotations?
  • Why should you spent so much time measuring dimensions and areas of objects?
  • Why should you pay for functions you do not need?
  • You should not!

    What we offer is a tool to measure anything with less effort and at a much lower cost than our competitors like Adobe, Autodesk, BlueBeam, QuickMeasure, QuickScale, PlanSwift, Magicplan, PlanEdge, SmartDraw, Drawboard or Adobe clones!

    Try our tool and see for yourself!

    This is the screen-shot with the layout of the main window:

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